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BUILDING The Business Case for Coaching – useful links and insights

Return on Investment in Executive Coaching  Willem Jan Hofmans

Abstract : 
Executive coaching, as defined as an intervention aimed toward helping executives improve their performance and consequently the performance of the overall organisation, has gained enormously in popularity. However there are few empirical studies which link coaching to improved results, and therefore there is little evidence of its effectiveness as a leadership development tool.
From a managerial viewpoint the issue is that the Return on Investment (ROI) of coaching is not easily measurable.

The relevance of this research project to the field of management is that it will provide a basis for managers to evaluate the effectiveness of executive coaching through the application of an integrated coaching evaluation framework considering the client, coach, client-coach relationship and coaching methodology, as well as providing the field of management with empirical evidence regarding the business impact of executive coaching for 100 (planned) coaching engagements.
As an Executive Coach for the last three years, this research study will allow me to take a rigorous, academic approach to better understanding this field. From a professional practice point of view this research will contribute to the further professionalisation of executive coaching and provide a platform for marketing the results of this research in support of business development.
If you have been tasked with making a business case for coaching, here are some fundamental elements around which to structure your thinking:

  • A summary of leaders’ expectations, performance gaps and business needs
  • A synopsis of the value message: How coaching will meet these expectations, close the gaps and help achieve business goals
  • Description of the coaching programme, including objectives and measures
  • Roles, responsibilities and ways of working for successful partnership
  • The key benefits for specified stakeholders
  • The investment required for the coaching programme
  • Success factors and risk factors
  • How the coaching programme will be evaluated


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